Importing and exporting data

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AssetCAT lets you export data to various formats, including Excel files, HTML files, text files, XML files, and to the notes section on an iPod.

You can import data from both Excel files and text files.

The user interface is the same in all import and export windows. The list to the left displays the saved import/export definitions. You can create as many definitions as you like. Simply click on the definition you want to open.

Create a new definition

To create a new definition, click the Add button BtnAdd above the list. You see the 'Add New' window. For more information about the various options in this window, click the Help button.

Clone definition

Click the Clone button BtnClone to clone (create a copy of) the currently open definition. Specify a new name, then click OK.

Delete definition

Click the Delete button BtnDelete to delete the active definition. Confirm by clicking Yes.

Set options

Click the Options button BtnOptions to set various options:

AutoSave - Determines whether changes are automatically saved or not.
Change Folder - This allows you to set the folder where the definitions files are stored.

Rename definition

Click the Rename button BtnRename to rename the active definition. Specify the new name and click OK.

Save or cancel changes

To save any changes you have made, simply click the Save button BtnSave. Note that this is not necessary if AutoSave is enabled.

To cancel any changes, click the Cancel button BtnCancel.

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