Program table: Standard fields

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When you select program file, SoftCAT will automatically extract the program icon, read the program title, version number, and publisher (if this information is stored in the program file), and update both the installation date (based on the date the program folder was created) and the folder the program is installed to.

Category (Text 102 - lookup)

A category consists of a Main Category and a Sub-Category (Main Category: Sub-Category), for example:

Audio & Multimedia: Audio Encoders/Decoders
Network & Internet: File Sharing/Peer to Peer
Utilities: Antivirus

You can add as many categories as you like. To open the popup menu to select a category, click the arrow button, or press Ctrl+Arrow Right. You can rearrange the categories in the list with drag-and-drop.

Download Password (Text 100)

The password to access the download page.

Download URL (Text 255)

A link to where you can download the registered version.

Download Username (Text 100)

The username to access the download page.

Expiration Date (Date)

The date the license expires.

File Links (Text)

Here you can add links to external files.

Icon (Binary)

The program icon.

Installation Date (Date)

The date the program was installed.

Installation Folder (Text 255)

The folder the program is installed to.

Keyword (Text 50)

This field is for listing keywords that describe the program. You can add as many keywords as you like.

Language (Text 50)

The languages the program supports.

Last Modified (Date)

The date the record was last modified (automatically updated by the program).

Main Category (Text 50)

The main category (Main Category: Sub-Category).

Media (Text 50)

The media format (CD, Download, DVD, etc.).

Media Location (Text 50)

The location of the media.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Order ID (Text 50)

The order ID/order number.

Owner (Text 50)

The owner of the program.

Personal Rating (Text with image)

Use this field to specify your own personal rating. The default setup will let you select a star rating between 0 and 5 stars.

Platform (Text 50)

The platforms the program runs on (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, etc).

Primary Category (Text 102)

The primary category is the first category listed in the Category field.

Product Homepage (Text 255)

A link to the product home page.

Program File (Text 255)

The full path to the program file (click the button to the right of the text box to select program file).

Program Links

Use this field to link to other programs.

Publisher (Text 50)

The publisher of the program.

Purchase Date (Date)

The date you purchased the program.

Purchase Location (Text 50)

The store/retailer you purchased the program from.

Purchase Price (Numeric)

The amount you paid for the program.

Reference No (Text 25)

Use this field if you have your own system for identifying programs.

Registered (Date)

The date the program was added to the database.

Registration Company (Text 100)

Use this field to store the name of the company the program is registered to.

Registration File (Binary)

This field holds the registration file.

Click the Load button to load the registration file into the database. Click the Save button to save the registration file to your hard drive. Click the Clear button to remove the registration file from the database.

Registration Name (Text 100)

Use this field to store the name of the person the program is registered to.

Registration Notes (Memo)

Use this field to store notes regarding the registration (for example installation instructions, or information that doesn't fit into the other registration fields).

Released (Date)

The release date.

Screenshot 1-9 (Binary)

This field contains the actual image if the image is stored in the database.

Screenshot 1-9 - Compressed (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is compressed or not (only applies to BMP images).

Screenshot 1-9 - External (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is stored externally (only the file path to the image file is stored in the database), or not.

Screenshot 1-9 - File Name (Text 255)

If you have linked to an external image, this field contains the file name.

Screenshot 1-9 - Notes (Memo)

This memo field is for your own notes about the image.

Screenshot 1-9 - Thumbnail (Binary)

This is a thumbnail of the image. The thumbnail is automatically created when you add a new image.

Screenshot 1-9 - Type (Numeric)

The type of image: 0 - bmp, 1 - gif, 2 - jpeg, 3 - png, or 99 - other.

Setup Files Folder (Text 255)

The folder where the setup files are located.

Serial Number (Text 100)

Use this field to store the registration serial number.

Software Suite (Text 50)

The "software suite" name, for example Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Status (Text 50)

The status of the program (for example Not tested, Registered, or To be deleted).

Sub-Category (Text 50)

The sub-category (Main Category: Sub-Category).

System Tray (Checkbox)

Check this field if you want to add this program to the SoftCAT System Tray launcher.

To configure the System Tray launcher, open the Tools menu and choose Options/System Tray Launcher.

Title (Text 100)

The program title/name.

Type (Text 50)

The type of program (Adware, Commercial, Freeware, Shareware, etc.).

Version (Text 50)

The version number.

Web Links (Text)

Here you can add links to web sites.

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