Edit programs

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You add, edit and delete programs from the Program View.

Add new programs

To manually add a new program, click the Add button on the toolbar. This will open the 'Program Edit' window.

Instead of manually adding programs, you can also let the program auto-catalog installed programs.

Edit programs

Select the program you want to edit in the program list, and either click the Edit button on the toolbar, or simply double-click the program. This will open the 'Program Edit' window in edit mode.

You can read data from the linked exe files (icon, title, publisher, etc.) and update the database: Choose Fetch Program Data from the Program menu (or use the Ctrl+G shortcut). You can do this from both the main window (to update multiple selected program records), or the 'Program Edit' window (to update a single record).

Delete programs

Select the program you want to delete in the program list, then click the Delete button on the toolbar. You can also press the Ctrl+D shortcut. Confirm that you really want to delete the program by clicking Yes.

If you have selected more than one program, all selected programs will be deleted.

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