Catalog table

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We recommend that you specify the value from the catalog you are using in the Value field (for example if you live in Canada and are using the Stanley Gibbons catalog, you should specify the value in British pounds). StampCAT then uses the exchange rate for the currency used in the catalog when updating the Calculated Value (Canadian dollars in this example). When the exchange rate changes, you just modify the exchange rate for the catalog. The calculated value is then updated for all stamps in the database linked to this catalog. Always specify Price in your own currency.

Catalog (Text 50)

The name of the catalog.

Catalog ID (Numeric)

This is an unique ID number that is assigned to each record in the table. You cannot edit this field.

Currency (Numeric)

Specify the currency used in the catalog, for example USD or GBP.

Exchange Rate (Numeric)

Specify the current exchange rate.

Items (Numeric)

1 for dollar, pound and euro, 100 for other currencies.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Sort by (Text 52)

This text value is used when sorting on a field linked to this lookup table.

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