Create a new database

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1.Choose New Database from the File menu.
You see the 'New Database' window.
2.Select the database template you want to base the new database on.
In general, we recommend you select the Standard template.
3.Click OK.
You see the 'New Database Specify File Name' window.
4.Select the drive and directory where you want to create the database.
In general, we recommend that you create the database in the Database folder. This folder is selected by default, unless the open database is located in another folder.
5.In the File name text box, type the name of the database.
The name should be one that easily reminds you of the information in the database, for example My Assets or Home Inventory. The file extension identifying the database, .MDB, is added automatically.
6.Click Save.

AssetCAT creates the database and opens it. The file name of the database is displayed on the title bar of the main AssetCAT window. You can now begin adding information.

If you want to organize your assets using only one database, then you do not have to think about databases again. AssetCAT will always open this database when you start the application. If, however, you choose to organize your assets in a way that requires several databases, follow the steps above to create as many as you need. To switch from one database to another, see Open a database.

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