Types of information

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BookCAT stores several types of information:

Books. You can enter information such as such as author, title, publish date, publisher, ISBN, cover image, etc. "Book" is a general term that can mean a book, newspaper, magazine, and so forth.
You work with books in the Book View.
Contents. You can enter contents data (sections) such as author, title, page from, page to, keywords, etc. "Contents" is a general term for any work (poems, short stories, individual essays, etc) contained within the book (a book can contain multiple sections)
You work with contents data in the Contents View.
Note: To add new contents data, bring up the 'Book Edit' window, and add contents data via the contents list.
Lookup tables. Lookup tables are lists that contain information linked to data fields, for example the Person, Publisher or Genre lists. When you modify an entry in a lookup table, for example to fix a typing error, the change will be reflected in all data fields that are linked to this lookup table.
You work with lookup tables in the Lookup View.
Select the lookup table you want to edit from the View button on the toolbar.
Loan data. This includes both books that currently are on loan, and the complete loan history.
Open the Loan View to look at the loan history.
To get an overview of books current out on loan you can also use the Book View (select the On Loan filter).
Want list. The want list allows you to keep track of books you have on your want list. You can enter information such as author, title, publisher, ISBN, order date, and price.
You edit the want list from the Want List View.

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