How to use the tab control

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The tab control is a set of pages used to create a multipage control. You select a tab (page) by clicking one of the tabs that appear at the top of the control.

The use of a tab control is especially useful if you are working with many data fields that can be grouped into two or more categories. You will probably only add one tab control to a form (although you can have several tab controls on the same form). You can add as many tabs (pages) as you like to a tab control.

To add a tab control to the form, click the Tab Control button on the toolbar, then click where you want to add the tab control.

To resize the tab control, first click to select it, then drag the control's surrounding sizing handles to increase or decrease the size.

To add a tab, right-click the tab control and choose Add Tab from the popup menu.

To remove a tab, activate the tab you want to remove, then right-click and choose Remove Tab from the popup menu.

You can change the ordering of the various tabs by using the Move Tab Left and Move Tab Right functions available on the popup menu.

To rename the tabs, right-click and choose Properties, then specify the tab titles under the Tab titles heading.

If you leave a tab title empty, the program will automatically fill in the name of the first field on the tab when you open the data entry window.


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