Customizing the database

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BookCAT allows you to customize your database to suit your needs. Not only can you rename data fields and hide the fields you don't want to use, but you can also change the layout of all data entry windows. Perhaps you want to make the Genre field wider, or move one of the custom fields to the General tab? Change fonts or colors? Add an image to spice up the look? No problem. You modify the layout of a data entry window in the Form Designer.

There are two ways to bring up the Form Designer; either from the 'Database Setup' window, or from the actual data entry window. You can also change field properties (field name, default value, etc.) from both the 'Database Setup' window and the Form Designer.

To open the 'Database Setup' window, choose Database Setup from the Tools menu. For more information, see The Database Setup window.

To open the Form Designer, either select the appropriate table in the 'Database Setup' window and click the Form Designer button, or choose Form Designer from the File menu in the data entry window. For more information on how to use the Form Designer, see The Form Designer.

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