Author pseudonyms

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With the new pseudonym feature in version 10 you can easily find all books written by a specific author, no matter which pseudonym is used. For this to work you need to add the author's "real name" in the Person lookup table, and enter the pseudonym(s) in the Pseudonym field in the Edit Person window, like this:

(You can add and edit authors from the Lookup View, or by right-clicking the Author field and choosing Edit Table. For more information on how to work with lookup tables, click here.)

In the Edit Person window, you can go to either a "pseudonym record", or the "real name record", by selecting from the Pseudonym/Real Name button on the toolbar:

When you are adding book data, select the pseudonym in the Author field:

The real author name is displayed after the pseudonym in the explorer, the browse list and in reports:

Books written under a pseudonym are automatically found when you search the Author Pseudonym field with the author's real name, or use the grouping feature:

All pseudonyms are listed when you explore the author credits. Here are two examples:

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