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The artist sort order is incorrect

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I am having a problem with the sort order of some band names. My Pink Floyd albums are sorted as "Floyd, Pink".  Similarly Electric Light Orchestra is sorted as "Light Orchestra, Electric".  All other band names seem to be fine.  For instance Fleetwood Mac does not come out as "Mac, Fleetwood".  All solo artists are sorted properly by last name, first name.

You need to edit the "Sort by" field in the Artist/Person lookup table (you only have to do this once for each artist).

1.Locate one of the albums released by this artist, then open the Album Edit window.
2.Right-click the artist name in the Artist field, and choose Edit from the popup menu.

You see the Edit Artist/Person window.
3.Make sure the Sort by field contains the same text as the Name field. This will ensure that "Pink Floyd" is sorted under "P", and not "F".
4.Click OK to save the changes.

You can also edit artist names from the Artist/Person Lookup View. For more information on how to edit lookup tables in the Lookup View, click here.