Genre table

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Four fields are linked to this lookup table: Album.Genre, Track.Genre, Artist/Person.Genre and Playlist.Genre.

cddbGenre (Text)

The cddbGenre is used when submitting disc data to CDDB.

All CDs submitted to CDDB must be assigned a special CDDB genre. The CDDB genres are fixed, you cannot create new genres or modify existing genres. Each of the CATraxx genres is linked to one of the CDDB genres.

Genre ID (Numeric)

This is an unique ID number that is assigned to each entry in the table.

Genre (Text)

This field combines Main Genre and Sub-Genre into one field (Main Genre: Sub-Genre), for example:

Classical: Opera
Electronic: Jungle
Jazz: Fusion
Rock: Classic Rock
World: Celtic

Main Genre (Text 50)

The main genre.

Marked (Yes/No)

This field indicates whether the record is marked or not.

Sub-Genre (Text 52)

The sub-genre.

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