Dynamic playlists

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A dynamic playlist is a playlist that is based on a filter. For example, this can be "5 star" tracks, live recordings, tracks produced by a specific producer, tracks where a specific musician appears, or tracks you have not played the last 3 months. The playlist can also be randomized. The contents of a dynamic playlist is automatically updated as you add, edit and delete information in the database.

To set up the filter the playlist is to be based on, open the 'Playlist Edit' window from the Playlist View, then click the Filter button.

By default, the tracks are sorted by title and release year. You can change the sort order by clicking the Sort Order button in the 'Playlist Edit' window.

Two of the data fields are of special interest when setting up a dynamic playlist: Max and Random. In the Max field you define the maximum number of albums (if you filter on album fields only), or tracks the playlist can contain. If you check the Random field, CATraxx will pick the albums/tracks at random when opening the playlist.

For example, suppose you have set up a filter that returns 1000 tracks. If you set Max to "50" and check the Random field, CATraxx will pick 50 of the 1000 tracks at random each time you open the playlist.

If you do not check the Random field, CATraxx will always pick the first 50 tracks according to the defined sort order.

Note that if you filter on album fields only, Max and Random will determine which albums the program will select. All tracks on these albums will be added to the playlist in the same order they exist on the album. For example, if you want to select one U2 album at random, filter on the Album.Artist field, set Max to 1 and check the Random field.

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