Edit credits data

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You use the 'Edit Credits' window to register credits information like songwriters, studios, producers, and musicians. Here you can edit credits information for all tracks on the album.

To open the 'Edit Credits' window, click the Edit Credits button on the toolbar in the 'Album Edit' window.

Click the tab containing the data you want to edit. You enter names and roles in the list to the left. The list to the right displays which tracks the person, or studio, is linked to.

By default, all tracks are checked. Simply check and uncheck the tracks as needed. Right-click the track list and choose from the popup menu to check or uncheck multiple tracks.

You can use the following shortcuts:

Space - Check or uncheck the selected track
Alt+1 - Check All
Alt+2 - Uncheck Al
Alt+3 - Invert
Alt+4 - Check Disc (only applies to multi-disk albums)
Alt+5 - Uncheck Disc (only applies to multi-disk albums)

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