The Playlist View

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You use the Playlist View to create and edit playlists. This view has two browse lists. The list at the top gives you an overview of the various playlists. The list at the bottom displays the tracks in the selected playlist.

On the statusbar at the bottom of the window you see the number of tracks in the open playlist and the total playing time.

If you would like to reopen a dynamic playlist, click the Reopen button .

To import a standard playlist file (m3u), click the Import button        .

To export the playlist to a m3u file, click the Export button .

To copy the files in the playlist to a folder, click the Copy to Folder button . This is useful if you for example want to copy the files to your portable audio player, or want to burn the audio files in the playlist to a CD.

When you create a new playlist, or edit an existing playlist, you see the 'Playlist Edit' window. You must always give the playlist a title, and select type of playlist. The other fields are optional. Click the Help button for more information about the available data fields.

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