Loan management

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CATraxx lets you to track albums out on loan; you can easily loan out an album, set a due date and search for all albums out on loan and albums overdue.

You can use a bar code scanner when checking albums in and out of the library. CATraxx will handle any bar code scanner that enters data via a keyboard interface. These are often referred to as "wedge" readers as they wedge themselves in between the keyboard and your computer.

If you have a bar code scanner, use the 'Check Titles In/Out' window to quickly check albums in and out of the library. If you do not have a bar code scanner, you can manually check albums in and out one at a time, or you can use the 'Check Titles In/Out' window if you manually look up albums and borrowers.

To get an overview of albums current out on loan you can select the On Loan filter in the Album View. From the Loan View you can browse the complete loan history. On the Report menu you find various loan reports that you can print out.

In addition, CATraxx also allows you to place reservations for albums on loan, and to automatically clear reservations.

You can also send e-mail notifications to borrowers. This could be a reminder that an album should be returned soon or is overdue, or a notification that a reserved album is ready for collection. For more information, see To send e-mail notifications.

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