How to search

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You can effectively search the database for information that you require. Search in all fields with any combination of fields and operators.

There are several different ways to search and query data:

1.Quick Search. This is the easiest and quickest way to search. The quick search function will search the records displayed in the browse list. By default, it will only search the text fields you actually see in the list. You can also search all fields in the table (however, this is slower).
2.Simple search. Lets you define a search criteria based on one or two fields. You specify field, operator and the value you want to search for. The search criteria can be saved to a file for later use.
3.Advanced search. Lets you define a search criteria that can contain an (almost) unlimited number of fields. You can group the fields in different ways using parenthesis and the logical operators AND/OR. The search criteria can be saved to a file for later use.
4.Summary search. Specify the field you want to search in from the drop-down list. All unique values, and the number of occurrences of each value, are then displayed in a list. Select the value you want to search for and click OK.
5.Global Search. Lets you search in all fields.

If you want to replace a field value with another value, use the search and replace command.

In addition, CATraxx has various "special searches" that give you features not available in the other searches.

Before you execute a search, you must specify the following options:

Search marked

Select the 'Search marked' option if you only want to search the marked records.

Show albums

When searching for tracks, select the 'Show albums' option if you want the albums the tracks are located on as the search result.

Searches are case insensitive (that is, CATraxx does not distinguish between upper and lower case).

You can add saved search criteria to the Search menu. If you save the search file in the \Search folder, the search will automatically appear on the Search menu. You can manually manage the searches on the menu by choosing Edit Menu from the Search menu.

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