The Set Field Value function

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To set the value of a data field, regardless of the current field value, for multiple records, use the Set Field Value function (this works differently from the Search & Replace function where you replace a specific value with another value).

1.Right click the browse list and choose Set Field Value from the popup menu.
You see the 'Set Field Value - Select Field' window.
Note: If you right-click the heading of a column, the program will bypass the 'Select Field' window and let you update the field you right-clicked.
2.Select the field you want to update, then click OK.
3.You see the 'Set Field Value: [Field Name]' window.
Select whether you want to update all records (albums, tracks, artists, etc.), the marked records or the selected records in the browse list.
4.When updating a multivalue field, for example Genre or Keyword, you can check the Remove existing data box if you want to remove all existing data in this field before the new field value is saved.
5.Specify the new field value, click OK, then confirm by clicking Yes.

When you update a multivalue field (for example Genre or Keywords), the new field value is added to the existing lookup items if you do not check the 'Remove existing data' box.

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