Password protect a database

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CATraxx allows you to password protect your database to prevent unwanted users from opening the database. In addition to setting up a master password, which will give full access to the database, you can also set up a guest password. A guest will not be able to add, edit, or delete any information in the database.

1.Choose Change Password from the File menu.
You see the 'Change Password' window.
2.If the database is already password protected, specify the current master password in the Master password/Current password field.
3.Type the new master password in the Master password/New password field.
A password can contain any combination of letters, numerals, spaces, and symbols, and it can be up to 25 characters long. As you type the password, the program displays an asterisk (*) for each character you type.
4.Retype the new password in the Master password/Verify new password field.
5.If you would like to set up a guest password, fill in the Master password/Current password field (if a master password has already been set up), then type the new guest password in the Guest password/New password field, and retype the password in the Guest password/Verify new password field.
Note: You can check the Log in as guest without password box to add the ability for guests to log in without having to specify a password.
6.Click OK.
The next time you open the database you must specify a password.

When you create a password, write it down and keep it in a secure place. If you lose the password, you cannot open or gain access to the password protected database.

If you would like to remove the password protection, click the Remove button and enter the current master password.

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