Download information from the Internet

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Movies and TV-Series

CATVids can download both information about movies and TV series episodes from the Internet.

1.Make sure the Video View is active, then choose Add - Download from Internet from the Video menu.
You see the 'Download from Internet (Add New)' window.
2.To download movie data, select Movie, type the title of the movie (or the UPC code), then click the Search button.
Note: CATVids can read the title directly from the DVD if you first insert the DVD into your DVD-drive and then click the Scan DVD button. The program will then automatically use this title when searching for the movie details.
3.Select the correct movie from the search result lists, then click the Download button to download the movie data.
4.To download TV-series episodes, select TV-Series, specify the name of the series and the season you want to download.
By default, the program will search for all episodes in the specified season. To only search for a specific set of episodes, uncheck All and specify the episodes to search for in the two Episode fields.
Click the Search button.
If you want to set up a contents template that will be assigned to all downloaded episodes, click the Template button.
Click the Download button to download the selected episodes

Person data

You can download person data (like birth date, birth name, birth location, biography and photo) from the 'Person Edit' window.

1.Go to the Person Lookup View, locate the person you want to update, then open the 'Person Edit' window.
2.Choose Update - Download from Internet from the Lookup menu, or click the Update button on the toolbar.

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