Report files

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Before you can create a new report, or open a saved report, you must open the 'Report Designer' window.

Create a new report

Choose New from the File menu. You see the 'New Report' window.

Select the type of report you want to create, then click OK.

Save a report

To save the report you are working on, choose Save from the File menu. When you save the report for the first time, you see the 'Save Report' window. Here you select the folder you want to save the report in, and specify a filename.

If you have previously saved the report, CATVids will just save all changes to the same report file. Choose Save As from the File menu to save the report with a different name.

Open a saved report

Choose Open from the File menu, locate the folder the report you want to open is located in, select the report file and click Open.

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