Add a data field

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You can add a field directly on the form itself, in a group box, or on a page in a tab control.

1.Click the Field button on the toolbar.
2.Click where you want to add the field.
You see the 'Insert Field' window.
3.Select the field you want to add to the form.
4.If you want the program to automatically add a corresponding text label that will display the name of the field, select either Label/Left or Label/Top.
If you do not want to add a text label, select Label/No label.
Note: A checkbox field does not have a corresponding text label.
5.Click OK.
CATVids adds the field control where you clicked.
6.If you need to move or resize the field, see Move a form object or Resize a form object.
7.If you want to edit the field properties, see Modify form or object properties.

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