Export to HTML

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You can export data to a set of HTML pages you can upload to any web site. To open the 'Export to HTML' window, choose Export / HTML from the File menu, or click the Export to HTML button on the toolbar.

When you create a new export definition you see the 'Add New' window. Here you must specify whether you want to create a 'Standard' or 'Code based' setup. Select 'Code based' if you want to manually create and edit the xsl templates.

If you select 'Standard', you have five tabs available in the export window (General, Index, List, Detail Page and Notes). If you select 'Code based', you only have two (General and Notes).

Click the Help button for more information about the options on these tabs.

To start generating the HTML pages, click the Export button. Make sure you have specified the correct output folder first.

Check the Test mode box to activate "test mode". This means that the program will only export the first three records. This is useful if you want to check the layout of the output without having to export all records.

Check this Preview in browser when finished box if you want the program to automatically launch your web browser with the index page loaded after the export process is completed.

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