Loan table

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The Loan History table contains information about books that are out on loan, and books that previously have been loaned out. You can't modify this table directly, but BookCAT updates the table when you check a book in or out.

Borrower (Text 50 - lookup)

The name of the borrower.

Date Borrowed (Date)

The date the book was borrowed.

Date Due (Date)

The date the book is due to be returned.

Date Returned (Date)

The date the book was returned. If the book is not yet returned, this field is empty.

Marked (Yes/No)

This field indicates whether the record is marked or not.

Overdue (Yes/No)

If the book is loaned out, this field indicates whether it is overdue or not.

Returned (Yes/No)

This field indicates whether the book is returned or not.

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