Person table: Standard fields

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The following fields are linked to this lookup table: Contents.Leading Role, Contents.Supporting Role, and Contents.Crew.

Address (Memo)

Biography (Memo)

Birth Name (Text 100)

Birth Location (Text 150)

Born (Date)

Country (Text 50 - lookup)

Death Location (Text 150)

Died (Date)

E-mail (Text 100)

Fax (Text 25)

File Links (Text)

Image 1-9 (Binary)

This field contains the actual image if the image is stored in the database.

Image 1-9 - Compressed (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is compressed or not (only applies to BMP images).

Image 1-9 - External (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is stored externally (only the file path to the image file is stored in the database), or not.

Image 1-9 - File name (Text 255)

If you have linked to an external image, this field contains the file name.

Image 1-9 - Notes (Memo)

This memo field is for your own notes about the image.

Image 1-9 - Thumbnail (Binary)

This is a thumbnail of the image. The thumbnail is automatically created when you add a new image.

Image 1-9 - Type (Numeric)

The type of image: 0 - bmp, 1 - gif, 2 - jpeg, 3 - png, or 99 - other.

Marked (Yes/No)

This field indicates whether the record is marked or not.

Notes (Memo)

This memo field is for your own notes.

Name (Text 100)

The name of the person.

Person ID (Numeric)

This is an unique ID number that is assigned to each record in the table. You cannot edit this field.

Pseudonym (Text 50 - lookup)

This field allows you to link the "real" name of an author to one or more pseudonyms. You find more information here.

Phone (Text 25)

Relation (Text)

Use this field to link to other related persons (authors).You can also add your own notes.

Sort by (Text 102)

This text value is used when sorting on a field linked to this lookup table.

Web Link (Text)

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