Audio Files
I have moved the audio files to a new drive
Browse List
Do not reverse artist names
How do I remove the selection?
"Interface Not Supported" error
Cleaning up your CATraxx track data
I submitted entries to CDDB, but they haven't showed up in the search engine. What gives?
I'm unable to register with CDDB!
Use a different CD-ROM/DVD drive
How do I rename a field?
Data Entry
How do I add disc #2
How do I add tracks to disc #2?
How do I add tracks to side B?
How do I change the order of CDs in a CD set?
How do I disable the Auto Capitalize feature?
How do I merge two CDs?
Lookup Tables
How do I add, edit and delete genres?
How do I edit a lookup table?
The artist sort order is incorrect
Data Server
OLE Automation Server
Error Messages
No such interface supported
Unrecognized database format
Explorer Module
Explorer Templates folder
Loan Management
How do I send e-mail via Gmail?
How do I transfer the program to a new computer?
Why do I get an error message when I try to back up to a CD drive?
Report Module
Is it possible to change the left margin?
Sort Order
Sort on the Artist field

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