Box Set table

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Album Count (Numeric)

The number of albums linked to this boxset.

Albums (Text)

The name of the albums linked to this boxset.

Artist (Text 100 - lookup)

The artist name(s).

Cover (Binary)

This field contains the image if it is stored in the database.

Cover - Comments (Memo)

Comments about the image.

Cover - Compressed (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is compressed or not (only applies to BMP images).

Cover - External (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is stored externally (that is, only a link to the image is stored in the database) or not.

Cover - File Name (Text 255)

If this is an external image, this field contains the file name.

Cover - Thumbnail (Binary)

This field contains a thumbnail of the image. The thumbnail is automatically created when you add a new image.

Cover - Type (Numeric)

The type of image: 0 - bmp, 1 - gif, 2 - jpeg, 3 - png, or 99 - other.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Released (Date)

The release date/year.

Title (Text 253)

The box set title.

Title Sort (Text 255)

This is the value that is used when sorting on the title.

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