Artist/Person table: Standard fields

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The following fields are linked to this lookup table: Album.Artist, Track.Artist, Track.Original by, Box Set.Artist, Playlist.Artist, Album.Album Credits, Track.Author/Publisher, Track.Conductor/Arranger, Track.Production, Track.Band Member, Track.Guest Musician and Want List.Artist.

Address (Memo)

The snail mail address.

Alternate Names (Memo)

Use this memo field for any alternate names.

Artist (Checkbox)

Check this field is this is an artist. Only items marked as "artist" are shown in the Artist drop-down list in the Album and Track Edit windows. The name of artists are also shown in bold text in the Artist/Person Lookup View.

The program will automatically check this field for all artists added via the Artist fields (Album and Track Edit windows).

Artist/Person ID (Numeric)

This is an unique ID number that is assigned to each record in the table.

Biography (Memo)

In this memo field you can add the biography.

Birth Name (Text 100)

The birth name.

Birth/Formed Location (Text 150)

The birth (person), or formed (group), location.

Born/Formed (Date)

The year (or date) the person was born, or the group was formed.

Country (Text 50 - lookup)

The country of origin.

Death Location (Text 150)

The death location.

Died/Disbanded (Date)

The year, or date, the person died, or the group was disbanded.

E-mail (Text 100)

The e-mail address.

Fax (Text 25)

The fax number.

File Links (Text)

In this field you can add links to local files on your PC.

Genre (Text 102 - lookup)

A genre consists of a Main Genre and a Sub-Genre (Genre: Sub-genre), for example:

Classical: Opera
Electronic: Jungle
Jazz: Fusion
Rock: Classic Rock
World: Celtic

You can add as many genres as you like. To open the popup menu to select a genre, click the arrow button, or press Ctrl+Arrow Right. You can rearrange the genres in the list with drag-and-drop.

Image (Binary)

This field contains the image if it is stored in the database.

Image - Comments (Memo)

Comments about the image.

Image - Compressed (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is compressed or not (only applies to BMP images).

Image - External (Yes/No)

Specifies whether the image is stored externally (that is, only a link to the image is stored in the database) or not.

Image - File name (Text 255)

If this is an external image, this field holds the file name.

Image - Thumbnail (Binary)

This field contains a thumbnail of the image. The thumbnail is automatically created when you modify the image.

Image - Type (Numeric)

The type of image: 0 - bmp, 1 - gif, 2 - jpeg, 3 - png, or 99 - other.

Lineup (Text)

This fields contains the lineup information (members of the group).

You can use the lineup information when you specify persons (songwriters, producers and musicians) that participate on an album. If you do this you save a lot of time when you add credits information.

For more information, see Enter lineup information.

Main Genre (Text 50)

The main genre (Main Genre: Sub-Genre).

Marked (Yes/No)

This field indicates whether the record is marked or not.

Name (Text 100)

The name. Use the Sort by field to specify the value that is used when sorting on this item.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Personal Rating (Text 50 - lookup)

You can rate artists. This allows you to, for example, create a dynamic playlist with tracks by your favorite (5 star) artists.

In the data entry window, you can press the + or - button to select rating without having to open the list.

Phone (Text 25)

The phone number.

Primary Genre (Text 50)

The primary genre is the first genre in the Genre field.

Relation (Text)

Use this field to link to other related artists/persons. For example, you can link The Police to Sting, and Joy Division to New Order (and vice versa). You can also add your own notes.

When you search or group by either the Album.Artist Relation or the Track.Artist Relation field, CATraxx will automatically include all albums/tracks by the related artists.

Sort by (Text 102)

This is the value that is used when sorting on this item. When you tab out of the Name field (or save the item), CATraxx will automatically fill in the Sort by field if it is empty.

Sub-Genre (Text 50)

The sub-genre (Main Genre: Sub-Genre).

Type (Text 50)

The type of artist/person, for example Group, Solo Artist, Duo, Musician or Band Member.

You can set up a background color for each type (to edit a type, right-click the type in the Type field and choose Edit from the popup menu). The background color is used to color code artists/persons in the Artist/Person Lookup View and in the Artist drop-down list in the Album and Track Edit windows.

Web Links (Text)

In this field you can add links to web sites.

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