Rescan folders

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Use the Rescan Folders function to rescan folders containing audio files already linked to the database. CATraxx can add new audio files not already in the database, and either attempt to locate missing audio files, remove links to missing files, delete the tracks that links to missing files, or show these tracks in the Track View.

1.Choose Rescan Folders from the Audio menu.
You see the 'Rescan Folders' window.
2.Select whether you want to rescan folders linked to all albums, the marked albums or the selected albums in the browse list.
3.Click OK.
CATraxx rescans the folders.
When completed, you see the 'Rescan Folders - Result' window.
4.On the Missing files tab you see the missing files that the program is unable to locate.
Select action you want to take from the Action drop-down list.
5.On the New files tab you see the new audio files not already added to the database.
6.Click OK to process the selected files.

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