Scan folders: Add audio files

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To automatically add audio files to the database, use the Scan Folder function on the Audio menu. CATraxx will add all audio files in the folders you select. By default, all the files in a specific folder will be registered as one album. If folders contain audio files from multiple albums, make sure you check the 'Group by album' box.

Please note that CATraxx will not scan folders that contains audio files that have been already added to the database. To have CATraxx rescan these folders, use the Rescan Folder function.

1.Open the Audio menu and choose Scan Folders: Add Audio Files.
You see the 'Scan Folders: Add Audio Files' window.
2.In the Folder field, specify the path to the folder you want to scan.
3.Click the Scan button to scan the folder (if you clicked the Select folder button to select folder, it is not necessary to click Scan).
CATraxx scans the folder (including all sub-folders), and displays the result.
4.If you do not want to add the files in some of the folders, uncheck the box next to the folder name.
5.Click the Add button to add the audio files to the database.

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