Cataloging audio files

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In addition to cataloging physical media, you can also use CATraxx to catalog your audio file collection. Use the Scan Folder function to have CATraxx automatically create albums from folders containing audio files. CATraxx will read artist, title, etc. from either the audio file tag or the filename, and use this information to populate the database.

If you later add, or remove, audio files in a folder, use the Rescan Folder command to update the database. CATraxx will rescan the folders containing audio files linked to the database, and add new audio files not already in the database, and delete tracks that link to audio files that have been deleted.

If you would like to attach audio files to an album you have already added to the database, use the Attach Audio Files function. Specify the folder the files are located in, and CATraxx will automatically attach the audio files to the correct tracks.

After you have edited the track information, you can have CATraxx update the audio file tag in the attached audio files. Choose Write to Tag from the Audio menu to do this.

Audio files can be automatically organized into a folder structure and filename format of your choice based on information in the database. Use the Auto-Organize Files function to do this.

If you move all your audio files from one drive/folder to another, use the Update Path / Multimedia function on the Tools menu to update the file path stored in the database.

You can also create your own playlists. For more information, see Setting up playlists.

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