Want List table

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The Want List allows you to keep tracks of music you intend to buy.

Artist (Text 100 - lookup)

The name of the artist(s).

Catalog No (Text 25)

The label catalog number.

Format (Text 50 - lookup)

The media format (LP, 7", 12", etc.)

Label (Text 50 - lookup)

The recording label.

Marked (Boolean)

This field indicates whether the record is marked or not.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Order Date (Date)

The date you ordered the item.

Ordered From (Text 50 - lookup)

The store you have ordered the item from.

Price (Numeric)

The price you paid.

Priority (Numeric)

The priority: 1, 2, or 3.

Released (Date)

The release date (or year only).

Title (Text 150)

The title.

Title Sort (Text 150)

The sort title.

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