Playlist table

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Artist (Text 100 - lookup)

The artist(s) the playlist is assigned to.

Category (Text 50 - lookup)

You can group playlists into customizable 2-level categories. Right-click and choose Add from the popup menu to add a new category.

Created by (Text 50 - lookup)

The person that created the playlist.

Creation Date (Date)

The date the playlist was created.

Favorite (Checkbox)

Indicates whether the playlist is a "favorite" or not. Favorite playlists are shown on the Explorer home page, and are available from the toolbar in CATraxx Audio Player.

Filter (Binary)

The filter for dynamic playlists.

Genre (Text 102 - lookup)

A genre consists of a Main Genre and a Sub-Genre (Genre: Sub-genre), for example:

Classical: Opera
Electronic: Jungle
Jazz: Fusion
Rock: Classic Rock
World: Celtic

You can add as many genres as you like. To open the popup menu to select a genre, click the arrow button, or press Ctrl+Arrow Right. You can rearrange the genres in the list with drag-and-drop.

Main Genre (Text 50)

The main genre (Main Genre: Sub-Genre).

Max (Numeric)

This is the maximum number of albums or tracks a dynamic playlist can contain.

Notes (Memo)

This field is for your own notes.

Number of Tracks (Numeric)

The number of tracks. This field is automatically updated by CATraxx.

Note: For dynamic playlists, this field is always 0.

Playing Time


The total playing time. This field is automatically updated by CATraxx.

Note: For dynamic playlists, this field is always 0.

Primary Genre (Text 50)

The primary genre is the first genre in the Genre field.

Random (Checkbox)

If you have set the Max field, check the Random field if you want CATraxx to pick the albums (if you filter on album fields only) or tracks at random when opening the playlist.

Suppose you have set up a filter that returns 1000 tracks. If you set Max to "50" and check the Random field, CATraxx will pick 50 of the 1000 tracks at random each time you open the playlist.

If you do not check the Random field, CATraxx will always pick the first 50 tracks according to the defined sort order.

Note that if you filter on album fields only, Max and Random will determine which albums the program will select. All tracks on these albums will be added to the playlist in the same order they exist on the album. For example, if you want to select one U2 album at random and play all tracks on this album, filter on the Album.Artist field, set Max to 1 and check the Random field.

Reload (Checkbox)

When this field is checked, CATraxx Audio Player will automatically reload the playlist when it is finished playing. This is especially useful for randomized dynamic playlists, for example the default "Surprise me! - 25 Random Tracks" playlist. When playback is completed, the player will select 25 new tracks and then automatically start playing these tracks.

Shuffle (Checkbox)

Check this field to automatically "shuffle" the playlist before it is sent to the audio player.

Note that if you filter on album fields only, CATraxx will shuffle the albums, not the tracks on these albums (the tracks will always be played in the same order they exist on the album).

Sort Order (Binary)

The sort order for dynamic playlists.

Status (Text 150 - lookup)

You can assign a status to the playlist ("In Progress", "Completed", etc.).

Sub-Genre (Text 50)

The sub-genre (Main Genre: Sub-Genre).

Title (Text 100)

The playlist title.

Type (Numeric)

The type of playlist. This can be either "Manual" or "Dynamic".

A manual playlist is a playlist where you have manually selected the tracks. You add tracks to the playlist from either the Album View or Track View.

A dynamic playlist is a playlist based on a filter (for example "5 star" tracks, or tracks by a specific artist). The contents of a dynamic playlist is automatically updated as you modify information in the database.

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