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About databases

About reports

Acquire from scanner

Acquired From table

Add asset item

Add column

Add image

Add lookup data


Advanced search

Appraiser table

Asset table: Custom fields

Asset table: Standard fields

Asset view

Types of information
Working with views

AssetCAT database



Auto-organize image files

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Backup database


Beneficiary table

Browse list

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Card list

CAT database

Category table

Change column order

Color table

Column order

Compact database

Condition table

Contact FNProgramvare

Corrupt database

Create database

Create filter

Create grouping

Create new report

Create reports

Create sort order

Customize database

Customize the explorer

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Data entry layout

Data fields

Database password

Database Setup window

Delete asset item

Delete filter

Delete grouping

Delete list layout

Delete report object

Delete sort order

Design reports

Document Type table

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Edit asset item

Edit column

Edit field names

Edit filter

Edit grouping

Edit image

Edit list layout

Edit lookup data

Edit report menu

Edit report object

Edit sort order

Excel export

Excel import


Explorer pane

Explorer view


Export to Excel

Export to HTML

Export to iPod

Export to text file

Export to XML

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Field names

Field rename

File Link Type table


Report options

Fix database

Form Designer

Form Designer - Add data field

Form Designer - Delete object

Form Designer - Modify properties

Form Designer - Move field to another tab

Form Designer - Move object

Form Designer - Resize object

Form Designer - Select object

Form Designer - Set tab order

How to set the tab order
The Auto Update Tab Order function

Form Designer - tab control

Form Designer - Update group titles

Form Designer - Update Use property

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Getting started

Global search


Report options

Grouping definition

Guest password

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How to export

How to import

How to order

How to search

HTML export

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Import from Excel

Import from text file

Insert report object

Insurance table


iPod export

Item Link Type table


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Layout of fields

Link to CAT database

List layout

Select multiple records in browse list
List layouts

Locate missing image files

Location table

Lookup data

Lookup tables

Lookup view

Types of information
Working with views

- M -

Manage lookup tables

Manufacturer table

Mark records

MDB files

Move report object

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New database

New filter

New grouping

New sort order

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Open database

Open report


Owner table

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Print data

Print out data

Print preview

Print report

Print to file

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Quick Search

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Remove list layout

Rename fields

The Database Setup window

Rename tables

Repair database

Replace field value

How to search
Search and replace

Report Archive Reader

Report bands

Report filter

Report grouping

Report menu

Report object

Report options

Report sort order


Resize report object

Restore backup

Room table

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Save report

Scan image



Quick search
Simple search
Advanced search
Summary search
Global search

Search and replace

How to search
Search and replace

Search list


Select multiple records

Select records


Set field value

Show marked records

Show subset

Simple search

Sort order

Sort orders
Report options

Split lookup item

Standard list

Status table



Summary search


System requirements

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Tab control

Table rename

Tag table

Technical support

Text file export

Text file import

The report designer

Transfer information between databases

Types of information

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Update field value

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Warranty Type table

Web Link Type table


Working with views

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XML export